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Curve Vinyl

Vinyl Curve - Doppelganger

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. In 1991, Curve arrived on the scene with a series of increasingly successful EPs via Dave Stewart's Anxious label. A year later they released their debut album, Doppelganger. A monster and stately record, it was their sonic manifesto. Self-produced with Flood, and mixed by emergent super engineer and unofficial sixth Curve member Alan Moulder (Ride, U2, My Bloody Valentine, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), it's ability to sandblast your nerve endings for breakfast is matched only by it's tendency to inebriate the listener with it's aromatic charm. The album features two singles, 'Fait Accompli' and 'Horror Head' both of which hit the Top 40 in 1992.

  • Brand: 3 LOOP
  • ASIN: B072ZF3TPH
  • Part No: 3RANGE52LP
Vinyl Curve - Cuckoo

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Described, variously, as "dusky and mysterious, cosmetic and up-for-it", "Industrial techno disco," and "like a Japanese express train", Curve's second album Cuckoo is more sophisticated, more seductive, less serrated, even squelchy in places than their debut, Doppelganger. A mature, fluent, and literary album, it hit the Top 30 on release in 1993. Cuckoo takes the listener from the established hallmarks and runs with them - over the horizon - to many new and rich areas of pop melodrama. Delicate and gorgeous moments sit easily with their simultaneously cool and incendiary sound. A more personal album, it is nonetheless metallic, unforgiving, loud, clear. As with Doppelganger the album was produced by the band with Flood and Steve Osborne, and it was mixed by Alan Moulder. It is home to the lead tracks from singles Blackerthreetracker EP and 'Superblaster' and is regarded by the band as their best piece of work.

  • ASIN: B072Z793KK
  • Part No: 3RANGE53LP
Vinyl Curve - Curve of Earth [LP]
Curve of Earth [LP]

  • ASIN: B07M7ZXD8B
Curve Vinyl - The Horseshoe Curve [Vinyl]
The Horseshoe Curve [Vinyl]

  • UPC: 800314898924
Curve Vinyl - Gaussian Curve: Clouds (Gigi Masin) Vinyl LP
Gaussian Curve: Clouds (Gigi Masin) Vinyl LP

masterfully crafted atmospheric mood pieces

  • ASIN: B00UAU0LV8
  • Part No: MFM 004ttl
Curve Vinyl - The Distance
The Distance

Vinyl LP pressing. In the spring of 2016, Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash and Marco Sterk got together in the studio for the first time since they recorded Clouds, the critically acclaimed debut album from their Gaussian Curve project. By the time they reconvened in Sterk's new studio in Amsterdam, a stone's throw away from the temporary, second--floor space where they recorded Clouds, much had changed. By the time they got together again last year, the album they recorded on that famous weekend had taken on a life of it's' own. To their surprise and delight, Clouds had become one of the most admired ambient albums of the 21st century. They'd initially reconvened in the studio to rehearse for their first live performances. It soon became clear that all three members were brimming with ideas for new Gaussian Curve material. Over the four days that followed, and fueled by the same spontaneous working method that drove Clouds, a new album began to take shape. Although their methodology remained the same, the inspirations were different. Whereas Clouds was intimate by design, The Distance reflects more on spaciousness, distance and time. It is instantly recognizable as a Gaussian Curve record, but feels different in scope and tone. The Distance is a different musical beast to it's' predecesso...

  • ASIN: B06W9P4RWV
  • UPC: 783024551191
  • Part No: MFMLP 18
Curve Vinyl - Curve

  • ASIN: B00J5G1YBO
  • UPC: 825646595303
Curve Vinyl - Simply Christmas (Includes Download Card with Bonus Tracks)
Simply Christmas (Includes Download Card with Bonus Tracks)

Leslie Odom Jr.'s Simply Christmas gets it's first release on vinyl for the holiday season. Each copy also includes a download card for 4 additional bonus tracks from Leslie's newly released deluxe edition of Simply Christmas.

  • Brand: S-Curve
  • ASIN: B076FLJ93X
  • UPC: 190296938641
  • Part No: WA-35415664
 - Disintegration (Vinyl)
Disintegration (Vinyl)

Curve Vinyl

  • Rating: 5.0
 - Cure for Pain (Vinyl)
Cure for Pain (Vinyl)

Curve Vinyl

 - Greatest Hits (Vinyl)
Greatest Hits (Vinyl)

Curve Vinyl

 - Of Queues and Cures (CD) (Remaster)
Of Queues and Cures (CD) (Remaster)

Curve Vinyl

 - Difficult To Cure (Remastered) (CD)
Difficult To Cure (Remastered) (CD)

Curve Vinyl

  • Rating: 3.5
 - Many Faces Of The Cure / Various
Many Faces Of The Cure / Various

Curve Vinyl

 - Seventeen Seconds (Vinyl)
Seventeen Seconds (Vinyl)

Curve Vinyl

 - Head on the Door [Vinyl] By The Cure Format: Vinyl
Head on the Door [Vinyl] By The Cure Format: Vinyl

Curve Vinyl

What is the RIAA curve for vinyl?

Curve Vinyl

The RIAA curve is a rather dramatic equalization network applied to record albums and 45s over the last half-century. Why is it there, what does it do, and when can we expect it to be retired? Have a question you want to ask Paul? I am getting close to publishing...

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