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Historic Ship Models

Ship Historic Models - Historic Ship Models
Historic Ship Models

2,500-plus detailed diagrams and intricate drawings. Important historical facts about ships from 3000 B.C. to the 19th century. Plans, equipment, and designs. "Highly detailed. Excellent line illustrations, graphs, and photographs. There is maritime history on every page. Highly recommended."--LJ. "Information is clear and easy to find."--Fine Woodworking. "Of great interest to the student of maritime history--whether a maker of models or not."--American Woodworker. 352 pages, Over 2,500 b/w illus., 7 1/2 x 9 3/8.

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Ship Historic Models - Navy Board Ship Models
Navy Board Ship Models

From about the middle of the seventeenth century the Navy’s administrators began to commission models of their ships that were accurately detailed and, for the first time, systematically to scale. These developed a recognised style, which included features like the unplanked lower hull with a simplified pattern of framing that emphasised the shape of the underwater body. Exquisitely crafted, these were always rare and highly prized objects – indeed, Samuel Pepys expressed a profound desire to own one – and today they are widely regarded as the acme of the ship modeller’s art.Today examples form the highlights of collections across the world, valued both as art objects and as potential historical evidence on matters of ship design. However, it was only recently that researchers began to investigate the circumstances of their construction, their function, and the identities of those who made them. This book, by two curators who have worked on the world’s largest collection of these models at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, summarises the current state of knowledge, outlines important discoveries, and applies this new-found understanding to many of the finest models in the collection.As befits its subject, Navy Board Ship Models is visually striking, with numero...

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Historic Ship Models - Five Historic Ships: From Plan to Model
Five Historic Ships: From Plan to Model

Book by George S. Parker

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Models Ship Historic - Ship Models: How to Build Them (Dover Woodworking)
Ship Models: How to Build Them (Dover Woodworking)

Complete, step-by-step instructions for building schooners, galleons, clipper ships, more. Includes scale plans for 1846 clipper ship Sea Witch. Excellent guide for both the novice and the practiced woodworker — from the first steps in selecting proper materials to final task of painting the model. Over 150 photographs.

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Models Ship Historic - Historic Model Ships from Scratch
Historic Model Ships from Scratch

Sequel to the book "Model Ships From Scratch" by the same author, this volume contains instructions on building model ships from scratch using advanced techniques. It is aimed at both beginner and amateur modelmakers. The projects include: a Trafalgar ship; Gloucester schooners and other American craft; Alabama III; steamers and paddle steamers; a "C" class destroyer; famous flagships (Drake's "Golden Hind" and Columbus's "Santa Maria"); new and old sailing trawlers; and barges. The book also contains instructions on how to put ships in bottles. There are detailed drawings and photographs of the completed models, plus close-ups of deck detailing and fittings, rigging and sail making, systems of hull building and mounting of models.

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Historic Models Ship - The Narcissistic Family: Diagnosis and Treatment
The Narcissistic Family: Diagnosis and Treatment

In this compelling book, the authors present an innovative therapeutic model for understanding and treating adults from emotionally abusive or neglectful families? families the authors call narcissistic. Narcissistic families have a parental system that is, for whatever reason (job stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental illness, physical disability, lack of parenting skills, self-centered immaturity), primarily involved in getting its own needs met. The children in such narcissistic family systems try to earn love, attention and approval by satisfying their parents' needs, thus never developing the ability to recognize their own needs or create strategies for getting them met. By outlining the theoretical framework of their model and using dozens of illustrative clinical examples, the authors clearly illuminate specific practice guidelines for treating these individuals. Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman is a therapist, consultant, and trainer. She is known for her work with dysfunctional families, particularly with survivors of incest. Robert M. Pressman is the editor-in-chief and president of the Joint Commission for the Development of the Treatment and Statistical Manual for Behavioral and Mental Disorders.

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Models Historic Ship - HMS Gannet: Ship and Model
HMS Gannet: Ship and Model

HMS Gannet, beautifully restored today at Chatham Historic Dockyard, is a fine example of the small 'colonial schooners' that were built and deployed in the second half of the nineteenth century to police Britain's great empire and enforce the peace of Pax Britannica. Launched at Sheerness in 1878 with her white Mediterranean livery and elegant clipper bow, she was the epitome of the colonial gunboat.In this new book by the well-known ship modeler Will Mowll, the design and history of Gannet is outlined before the author takes the reader on a detailed photographic step-by-step exposition of the building of his 1/48 scale model of the ship. A particular feature of the model is the inclusion of the 2-cylinger compound steam engine with its three cylindrical boilers. Exquisitely detailed, with even the bunkered coal beautifully modelled, all the machinery is made visible by means of the removable deck.All the information that a ship modeler might need is included here--hull construction and the coppering of the ship's bottom, the making of the ship's steam propulsion systems, the decks and decking, armament, steering gear, mast and yards and rigging, and even the furniture in the wardroom. No part of the ship is left hidden. Inspiring with the sheer quality of his workmanship, the a...

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Historic Ship Models - Historic Battleship Texas: The Last Dreadnought (Military History of Texas Series)
Historic Battleship Texas: The Last Dreadnought (Military History of Texas Series)

During the first quarter of the 20th century, the major naval powers of the world built hundreds of Dreadnought-style battleships. Today there is only one.The battleship Texas was for a time the most powerful weapon on earth. When it was commissioned in 1914, the 14-inch guns were the largest in the world. This technological marvel of the time served with the British Grand Fleet in World War I and was the flagship of the entire U.S. Navy between the two World Wars. During the Second World War, an older Texas, past its prime, supported amphibious invasions in North Africa, Normandy, Southern France, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. The ship and her crew were preparing for the invasion of Japan when the war ended and the Texas came home.No longer needed to defend her country, the Texas was saved from the scrap yard to become our nation's first historic ship museum in 1948. Now lying peacefully in her berth at the San Jacinto State Park near Houston, the battleship Texas is still serving her country—teaching instead of fighting.The Texas is the only battleship remaining in the world today that served in World War I and the only ship remaining of any type that served in both World Wars. This is the story of the battleship Texas and the brave men who walked its decks.

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 - Santa Maria 7
Santa Maria 7" - Wooden Tall Ship - Christopher Columbus Model Boat - Historic Ship Model - Wood Model Boat - Nautical Decor - Sold Fully Assembled

Historic Ship Models

  • Model: 2834
 - Mayflower Ship in a Bottle 9
Mayflower Ship in a Bottle 9" Historic Model Ship In A Bottle - Nautical Decor - Model Tall Ship - Sold Fully Assembled - Not a Model Ship Kit

Historic Ship Models

  • Model: 3166
 - Viking Drakkar 24
Viking Drakkar 24" - Wooden Historic Ship - Traditional Viking Vessel - Nautical Decoration - Brand New - Sold Fully Assembled - Not a Model Ship Ki

Historic Ship Models

  • Model: 645
  • Color: White
 - Remote Control RMS Titanic 40
Remote Control RMS Titanic 40" Limited - Ready To Run - Remote Control Titanic Model Cruise Ship -RMS Titanic Model Ship Replica - Brand New - Sold

Historic Ship Models

  • Model: 1558
 - Spanish Galleon 20
Spanish Galleon 20" - Wooden Tall Ship - Model Boat - Wood Ship Model

Historic Ship Models

  • Model: 5895
  • Color: White
 - Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark II Ship Model with Magazine #1 by Eaglemoss
Battlestar Galactica Viper Mark II Ship Model with Magazine #1 by Eaglemoss

Historic Ship Models

  • Size: Multicolor
 - Mayflower 20
Mayflower 20" - Wooden Model Boat - Decorative Model Ship - Nautical Decor - Sold Fully Assembled - Not a Model Ship Kit

Historic Ship Models

  • Model: 3851
 - 's North American T-280 Trojan Model Kit, T-28 Trojan has a 16
's North American T-280 Trojan Model Kit, T-28 Trojan has a 16" wingspan By Guillow Ship from US

Historic Ship Models

Historic ship model building Le Fleuron 1729-part I

Historic Ship Models

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